Conventional Loans

Comparatively more lucrative conventional loans are with a low-interest but you need to have specific credit and dogmatic requirements to obtain those. We give our clients the full requirements of the loan for a better experience for them.

One can acquire this loan for any of their property requirements from low to high funding like multifamily, condominiums, office, mixed-use, retail, warehouse, industrial, hospitality, storage, and land. With the loan amount is above $200k and the interest rate is 4% fixed or variable sometimes, you can relieve the stress for the capital and make a blueprint to develop your business. We’ll provide you the best suggestion and the finest procedure to acquire the loan.

Benefits available from conventional financing

Fixed/adjustable rates

Less documentation involved

Less documentation involved

Lending Guidelines


All types considered
• Multifamily
• Condominiums
• Office
• Mixed-use
• Retail
• Warehouse
• Industrial
• Hospitality
• Sorage, and land.


5 to 10 years


From 4% fixed or variable


Up to 30 years


Up to 85%


From .5%


• Acquisition
• Restructuring
• Discounted payoffs
• Purchase of notes
• Property Improvements
• Construction.


As soon as 30 days

Gear Up Your Business by Getting an SBA Loan,

Hard Money Loans or Conventional Loans

What Our Clients Think Of Us

John Lee
John Lee
I am an SBA lender and have worked with Orlando for over 5 years. Orlando is very knowledgeable, trustworthy, and he is one of our valued relationships. He is always on top of things, very responsive, and is always looking out for his client's best interests. I would recommend Orlando to all my clients.
Davy Registe
Davy Registe
Orlando is Rockstar and very knowledgeable about the commercial financing industry. He is exceptional at communicating and keeps you informed. He definitely knows his craft. What I admire and appreciate the most about him is his integrity, he keeps his word. For example; he is one of the few people that I do deals without a contract at first just his word. Stand up Guy👍🏽
Danny Blaser
Danny Blaser
Orlando did a great job getting financing for my building. He was always attentive to my needs and really on the ball working through all the details of getting my deal through underwriting and to closing. I highly recommend him and his company!
Justyn Wielenta
Justyn Wielenta
Mr. Miner is extremely responsive & knowledgeable, he will not waste your time if it can't be done.
Kevin Chung
Kevin Chung
Orlando is the guy for your financing needs! He is very professional, responsive and easy to work with.